Club Membership - 2009/2010 Season

To facilitate closer ties with Little Athletics, Athletics NSW has aligned the annual registration period with the LAANSW date of 1st October. The new annual membership period will run from 1st October 2009 through to 30th September 2010.
In addition to this ANSW have also set up a reciprocal membership program with LAANSW for 12-17 year old athletes.

The prices for membership from 7th September 2009 to 30th September 2010 are below:

'Open' Athlete (All Ages) $155
'Under 20' Athlete (18 and 19 years) $105
'Under 18' Athlete (15 to 17 years) $96
'Junior' Athlete (14 years and under) $35
'Dual' Athlete (LAANSW 12-16 years) free if registered with LAANSW
'Age Concession' Athlete (60+ or Pension/Seniors Card) $100
Family (must register at the same time) $297


There are two ways that you can register:

1. Log on to the Members Section of the ANSW website here using the username and password supplied to you either from Athletics NSW or club's registrar.
You will be required to confirm the details we currently hold are correct, and pay the registration fee by credit card using the secure transaction system provided by IMG eCommerce.

2. Download the registration form from here and return it to your club registrar.

Please note that for the 2009-10 season Athletics NSW has not made it compulsory for clubs to offer online registration. As such online registration is only available if your club has decided to utilise the system. You will know whether this is the case when you log on to the system: if 'Registration Renewal' is not an option on the left hand menu, your club does not offer online registration.

RBH Registrar
PO Box 337
Bondi, NSW 2026



Last updated on:
22 September, 2009