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Monday, 18 November 2013 09:13

State Relays 2013 - Report

Last weekend our club participated at annual State Track and Field Relays. This competition provides athletes with the opportunity to test their early season form and have fun competing in a team of four. It was very successful competition for our club despite usual drama that surrounds formation of the teams.



RBH initially entered 17 teams which proved to be very ambitious task. Our club is traditionally known for its strong distance runners but over the last few years we are trying to revive our sprinting and jumping events. Our new sprint coach Joel Maybury managed to put together three teams in U16 boys category. In addition to this, coaches Anne Saville and Lyn Jacenko helped with sprinters and we entered two U20 boys sprint teams and also three girls sprint teams. The rest of the teams were mostly 800m and 1500m runners. Special thanks to coaches Sean Williams and Peter Spehr who were very helpful to form middle distance teams.

Every athletes registration was checked and we gave a plenty of notice about uniforms, reggo numbers etc. Everything was fine until one day before the competition. Then we found that Chris Ballas, who was featuring in our three U16 teams, is also registered with Scotts College and is not going to compete for us. ANSW could not explain how this athlete could register for two clubs at the same time. The other bad news was that young sprinter Tullia Votano had to withdraw due to illness. Without Chris and Tullia and without any reserves we had to scratch five teams; that left us with 12 competing teams. Regardless of this setback, our remaining teams competed with passion, I didn't witness any athlete who didn't give their best and we can certainly be proud of them. Our only two coaches who attended this competition were Peter Spehr and Lyn Jacenko so special thanks to them for showing their support on the days.

The highlight for RBH and maybe for the whole competition were 2 Australian records set by our U16 girls teams.
They totally dominated their races and claimed the only two gold medals for our club. The rest of the medal tally includes three silver medals won by U20 boys sprinting teams and for the first time we claimed medal in Medley relay.

Our medal tally was 2 gold and 3 silver medal. Complete results for our teams are as follows:

1. U16 Girls 4 x 1500m, 18:37.21 - new Australian U16 Record

1. U16 Girls 4 x 800m, 8:59.40 - new Australian U16 Record

2. Open Women Medley (200m, 200m, 400m, 800m) 4:00.55

2. U20 Boys 4 x 100m, 44.40

2. U20 Boys 4 x 200m, 1:33.75

4. Open Women 4 x 1500m, 19:59.13

4. Men 160+ 4 x 1500m, 20:13.90

5. U16 Boys 4 x 1500m, 18:42.66

5. Men 160+ 4 x 800m, 9:47.87

6. U14 Girls 4 x 800m, 10:45.86

8. Open Men 4 x 800m, 8:46.15

DQ U16 Boys 4 x 800m (improper change)

The Under 16 girls 4 x 1500m team performed brilliantly. From the start they had Australin record in mind and to achieve that they had to average just below 4:41 for every runner. Manon Wilson ran fantastic first leg, neck to neck with rising distance star Kate Spencer. Manon was leading the race together with Kate and refused to be dropped off and changed to Samantha King nearly at the same time as leading team. Brilliant run by Sam set the tone for the rest of the race. Georgia Evans continued strong and our team was was ahead. Amy Harding-Delooze was next. She started rather fast (around 67 sec lap) but settled down and managed to power down to the finish line in a new Australian U16 girls record.

1. Manon Wilson 4:36.7
2. Samantha King 4:38.8
3. Georgia Evans 4:47.1
4. Amy Harding-Delooze 4:34.2

Left to Right: Samantha King, Amy Harding-Delooze, Manon Wilson, Georgia Evans

Conditions on the second day were not that favourable, it was raining but U16 girls were determined to average sub  2:16 and break another Australian record. Georgia Evans was on a good start trailing the leader in the pack. Lily Harding-Delooze, who was our secret weapon as she was fresh and not running the day before, started really fast and chased the leading girl. Her first lap was 62 seconds  which got us to the lead. The team was already under record pace. Manon Wilson was lucky to have a girl in front (lapped runner) which helped her to clock the fastest time for our team. At that stage the record was a sure thing and Amy routinely finished resulting in the team's total time of 8:59.40 some 5 seconds better then previous record.

1. Georgia Evans 2:17.4
2. Lily Harding-Delooze 2:15.2
3. Manon Wilson 2:12.5
4. Amy Harding-Delooze 2:13.8

Left to Right: Georgia Evans, Lily Harding-Delooze, Manon Wilson, Amy Harding-Delooze
U20 Boys did a great in their 4x100m relay. The quartet of young sprinters started with Simon Beck from the blocks. It was a great start and decent change to David Buckland who put really good effort down the back straight taking advantage of the slight tail-wind. John Brann ran beautifully the second bend before handing over to Lachlan Little. The change was reasonable and the boys finished second in not so shabby 44.40.
Left to Right: Lachlan Little, John Brann, Simon Beck, David Buckland
U20 Boys 4x200m team is a proof that you can win a medal in sprinting relays with middle distance runner. After we found that John Brann was not available to run on Sunday, Patrick Elliot stepped in to make the team. After that change nobody could expect much from this team but they managed to get second place, unbelievable and great achievement by the boys. Very strong runs by David Buckland and Lachlan Little contributed to this succes. But it was also impressive to see Patrick Elliot mixing it with a sprinters and not getting left behind and young Simon Beck running again very good second bent but UTS Norths were simply too strong in this race leaving other three teams battled it out for the silver and bronze.
Left to Right: Lachlan Little, Simon Beck, David Buckland, Patrick Elliot

It is the first time ever that we put together a Medley relay team and it paid off. We sussed the opposition and figured that this team could come second. When I told them that before race they simply couldn't believe it. This quality team of athletes included Courtney Young (200m), Tara Holt (200m), Molly Blakey (400m) and Hayley Arden (800m). Courtney speciality is really shorter sprint and long jump but proved herself very useful to get us for a good start from the blocks. She clocked 26.1 running in lane 8. The change was really good and Tara rounded the bend nicely clocking a slick 25.5 before handing over to our fastest 400m girl Molly Blakey who ran fantastic leg not far of her personal best time. We were guaranteed second and there was really no hope for Hayley to catch superior Sydney University team. Nevertheless she gave it a good chase and the girls did a great job.


1. Courtney Young 26.1
2. Tara Holt 25.5
3. Molly Blakey 55.1
4. Hayley Arden 2:13.5

Left to Right: Hayley Arden, Molly Blakey, Tara Holt and Courtney Young

Other teams also performed well, we had two 4th places with Open Women 4x1500m team and our Masters team 160+ also in the 4x1500m.
There was some really good running among our youngest athletes, namely Stefan Music, Ellen Kriedeman, Greg Klugman, William Keir and Hary Armstrong,  Thanks to everyone for helping and also for your professional behaviour while representing your club. Randwick Botany Harriers takes pride in our athletes and our coaches, so thanks to all that took a part and assisted along the way.

Alija Kajan

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