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Monday, 17 November 2014 08:17

As always, the very next day after we entered teams, some runners pulled out due to injuries. So we end up with 17 teams competing. It was nice to have some sprinting teams as we are usually seen as distance running club and we strongly encourage all other events and want to break this stereotype.

There was a good input coming from most of the club coaches and that resulted in formation of some very competitive teams. The highlight were gold medals for Open Women 4x800m, Open Men 4x1500m, U20 Boys 4x800m and 200+ 4x1500m teams. But one medal was really earned with lots of "never-give-up" attitude  and that is a silver for U16 boys 4x100m team. This guys dropped the baton during first change, picked it up and continue trying hard and somehow qualified as second last team with pretty lousy 48.44 sec. However, in the final they got their act together and with some pretty smooth changes came second in 45.76. This team also won bronze in 4x200m.

Some other teams showed a lot of future potential like U20 boys and girls sprinting teams.

Thanks to all athletes who competed and showed great club spirit.

Special thanks to coaches Ann Saville, Ken Green and Joel Maybury for helping with teams, also to Mark Carmody who organized veteran teams. In the end big thanks to lap scorers Biba Kajan, Dave Evans, Mick Little and Lynn Kriedemann.

In the rest of this report we present our teams with athlete names and splits (for longer relays).

This team was originally formed from junoir U18 girls but due to few injuries, coach Ken Green suggested to "upgrade" them to Open team. The addition was our new club member Katelyn Simpson (4:18 1500m as junior few years ago). These girls really controlled the race and despite racing some strong opposition, including more accomplished Georgia Wassall and Trychelle Kingdom, were not giving up their early lead. Strong win and only 5 sec off the State record.

Open Women 4x800m, 1st, 8:50.62
Georgian Evans                   2:13.1
Lily Harding-Delooze            2:12.6      
Katelyn Simpson                 2:13.0
Amy Harding-Delooze           2:11.9

L to R: Lily Harding-Delooze, Georgia Evans, Katelyn Simpson and Amy Harding-Delooze

This guys were in hunt for state record but weather conditions were far from favourable, it was very windy. Despite that boys started ambitiously with Mat Cole and Jeremy Roff doing early duties. We were trailing Sydney Uni and UTS Norths early on but Jack Stapleton got us in the lead. Then we nearly stuffed it up when Josh Wright miscounted the laps and attempted a change from Jack one lap earlier. Everyone was yelling in disbelief and luckily Josh realized what happened and let Jack continue with his last lap. Josh then, in pretty convincing style, got us first across the line. Fantastic effort by all in very tough conditions.

Open Man, 4x1500m, 1st, 15:36.17
Matt Cole                           3:58.0
Jeremy Roff                        3:52.3
Jack Stapleton                    3:53.3
Joshua Wright                     3:52.5

L to R: Mat Cole, Jeremy Roff, Josh Wright and Jack Stapleton



We were full of expectation for this team and they delivered on the day. Very strong run by Fraser on the opening leg put our team in the mix. Exceptional run by Stefan on the second leg, keep an eye on this kid in the future. Patrick Elliot (with slight tight hammy) and Sam Byrne got it done and our team finished first across the line. They probably could have gone little bit faster if it was needed but with most of them running 4x1500m the next day, they ran smart.

U20 Boys, 4x800m, 1st, 8:04.65
1.Fraser Garland Barnes       1:58.8
2.Stefan Music                     2:00.4
3.Patrick Elliot                     2:02.3
4.Sam Byrne                       2:03.2

L to R: Stefan Music, Patrick Elliot, Sam Byrne and Fraser Garland-Barnes


We did think this team has got chance to medal but to see them on top of the podium was delight. Pat and Mark backed up after hard runs on Saturday but with fresh Roger and Manu they won with more than 10 sec over second placed Hills District. Well done young fellas!

Men 200+, 4x1500m, 1st, 20:35.91
Patrick O'Reilly                       5:14.3
Mark Carmody                        5:19.2
Roger Moresi                          5:05.3
Manu Sivaraj                          4:57.1

L to R: Manu Sivaraj, Patrick O'Reilly, Mark Carmody and Roger Moresi

Open Women 4x1500m A, 2nd, 18:29.82
Georgia Evans                   4:41.3
Lily Harding-Delooze            4:42.5
Amy Harding-Delooze           4:38.4
Katelyn Simpson                  4:27.6

There was a probably unrealistic expectation from these girls to back up and win after their 4x800m on day one. It nearly happened, as they performed strongly in very tough conditions. First three legs were run by our exceptional juniors  Georgia, Lily and Amy. You could see they were giving it all. In the end Katelyn Simpson chased hard on the last leg, but Sydney University team prevailed and won by bit over 3 seconds.

L to R: Katelyn Simpson, Lily Harding-Delooze, Georgia Evans and Amy Harding-Delooze


I've seen many things happen in relays over the years but this one is a real standout. How can you recover in 4x100m race after dropping baton? It is impossible but these guys didn't think so. It all happened on the first change in the heats and our crew watching from the stand was in disbelief. However, Declan was cool headed in this situation, he grabbed the baton and clocked something like 14.7 and passed to Caleb who perfectly handed over to Nathan. We came only fifth but it was enough to gett us in the final. Then these boys showed what they can really do, coming second in the final. Full credit to this team and their coach Joel Maybury.

U16 Boys 4 x 100m, 2nd, 45.76
1.Dylan Quirk
2.Declan Stupak-Horgan
3.Caleb Bruce-James
4.Nathan Vougdis

L to R: Dylan Quirk, Declan Stupak-Horgan, Caleb Bruce-James, Nathan Vougdis, coach Joel Maybury


This team has got so much potential and was certainly capable of winning their race. The only thing holding them back was Patrick's hammy niggle. Hayden O'Neill ran better than expected, followed by very solid runs by Stefan and Sam. After the third leg Patrick started with 14 sec deficit behind Kembla Joggers. He is in great form lately and on a good day this wouldn't be an impossible task for him but it was wise to play it safe.

U20 Boys, 4x1500m, 2nd, 17:21.91
1.Hayden O'Neill                  4:20.6
2.Sam Byrne                      4:22.8
3.Stefan Music                    4:17.4
4.Patrick Elliot                     4:21.1

L to R: Patrick Elliot, Sam Byrne, Hayden O'Neill and Stefan Music

It was exciting to see Sean O'Neill running again in our colours. Also, very fast David Spence was a new addition to this team. Welcome aboard David. Good opening legs by Sean and Patrick gave us an early lead. Mark Carmody backed up with strong run after his great 3k last week and David clocked the fastest split. In the end fantastic second place and only 7 seconds behind winner Hills District.

Men 160+ 4x1500m, 2nd, 19:36.67
Sean O'Neill                        4:44.2
Patrick O'Reilly                    5:20.4
Mark Carmody                    5:10.0
David Spence                      4:22.1


L to R: Sean O'Neill, Mark Carmody, David Spence and Patrick O'Reilly

U16 Boys 4 x 200m, 3rd, 1:37.03
1.Dylan Quirk
2.Declan Stupak-Horgan
3.Caleb Bruce-James
4.Nathan Vougdis

This team had a really good run on Saturday and was coming 3rd, only to be overtaken in the last 60m and denied a bronze medal. Only the next day we realized that Hills District was disqualified on technicality and RBH team was promoted to 3rd place. That was fantastic news, fist sprinting medal in a while.

L to R: Nathan Vougdis, Caleb Bruce-James, Declan Stupak-Horgan, Dylan Quirk and coach Joel Maybury

Without Gary Howard (2:00 runner) who was not available due to hamstring injury, Sean O'Neill and David Spence had to backed up after running 4x1500m earlier in the day. With addition of Neil Lynch (arguably the fastest club treasurer around) and Roberto Spina this team came 4th. Roberto admitted he just started training recently and will come back next year much better prepared.

Men 120+ 4x800m, 4th, 9:19.22
Sean O'Neill                        2:16.6
David Spence                     2:11.7
Neil Lynch                          2:16.4
Roberto Spina                     2:34.5


L to R: Neil Lynch, Roberto Spina, Sean O'Neill and David Spence


Thanks to Declan Stupak-Horgan, who stepped in as a 4th runner, this team showed a lot of potential so early in the season. Running the first leg, John Brann pulled a near PB with very good 50.3 after longer interruption in his training. Very good runs of 49.3 by James Roff and 49.4 by Lachlan Little saw our team up in the medal hunt. I hope this guys run as a team next year, sub 3:20 performance is definitely within their reach.

Open Man, 4x400m, 5th, 3:23.43
John Brann                         50.3
James Roff                          49.3
Lachlan Little                      49.4
Declan Stupak-Horgan         54.4

L to R: John Brann, Deckan Stupak-Horgan, James Roff and Lachlan Little

We originally entered 3 Open Women 4x1500m teams but after few withdrawals due to injuries we had difficulty to form even two teams. Ellen Kriedemann (only 14 years old) saved the day and stepped in. The girls ran good claiming solid 5th place. Solid run by Audrey who is coming back after injury. For Julianne Broberg and Bethany Grace Scott it was a return to track racing after few years off.

Open Women 4x1500m B, 5th, 20:28.00
Audrey Amiya-Hall               5:07.1
Julianne Broberg                 5:06.4
Bethany Grace Scott            5:02.2
Ellen Kriedemann                5:12.3

L to R: Ellen Kriedemann, Audrey Amiya-Hall, Julianne Broberg and Bethany Grace Scott

It is nice to see some fast young girls competing for our club. Coached by Ann Saville these girls showed a lot of potential and conducted themselves as matured athletes. They finished in a good 6th place in a final after just making it through in qualifying round.

U16 Girls 4x100m, 6th, 52.13
Rachel Macculloch
Charlotte McGill
Mia Economou
Sharna Lea-Chandler

L to R: Sharna Lea-Chandler, Mia Economou, Rachel Macculloch and Charlotte McGill

Another young team with plenty of potential. Again, very mature behaviour  by all these girls. Good starting leg by Olivia Gracie and nice finish by Sharna Lea-Chandler were highlight. This was a very busy weekend for Sharna and Mia who featured in 3 teams.

U16 Girls 4x200m, 8th, 1:52.42
Rachel Macculloch
Olivia Gracie
Mia Economou
Sharna Lea-Chandler



L to R: Mia Economou, Sharna Lea-Chandler, Olivia Gracie and Rachel Macculloch

It was a challenge to put this team together but with a help of Ann Saville we got this team to the start line. Again it was impressive how these girls conducted themselves when representing our club. They really worked as a team and they ran good, Sharna and Mia were close to their PBs. There is definitely room for improvement and we hope to see these girls running next year.

U18 Girls 4x200m, 8th, 1:59.55
Sharna Lea-Chandler
Emma Grand
Rose Lui
Mia Economou

L to R: Mia Economou, Emma Grand, Sharna Lea-Chandler and Rose Lui

This is effectively U16 boys team with  addition of John Brann. It was a big ask from them to step up and run in Open category. Without big expectation of making final these boys end up running good clean race.

Open Man, 4x200m, 10th Heat, 1:36.83
Dylan Quirk 
Declan Stupak-Horgan
Nathan Vougdis
John Brann

L to R: Declan Stupak-Horgan, John Brann, Nathan Vougdis and Dylan Quirk


This was another team where U16 boys stepped up again. This time with Lachlan Little they formed Open Men team. This was another exciting race with drama on the second change. There was a good clean change between Dylan and Nathan. On the second change however, Declan took off as a rocket and Nathan, realizing he won't get him before the change line, threw the baton towards him in desperation. Declan, believe it or not, caught the baton without dropping it but according to the rules that is not allowed. They finished the race but were rightly disqualified.

Open Men, 4x100m, DQ
1.Dylan Quirk
2.Nathan Vougdis
3.Declan Stupak-Horgan
4.Lachlan Little


L to R: Nathan Vougdis, Dylan Quirk, Lachlan Little and Declan Stupak-Horgan
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