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Monday, 01 June 2015 09:08

XC Relays 2015 - Report

Miranda Park was again our host venue for State Cross Country relays. Our club did very well. We entered 9 teams and 3 individual runners for this competition. The medal tally is 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze. This certainly could have been better but few of our runners were out with injuries and that affected some teams especially U18 girls and Open women.

Annabelle with winning team (L to R): Jeremy Roff, Jeff Hunt, Ben Moreau and Courtney Carter

This course at its very best is deceptive and can be very tough for the first timer. It is slightly tilted field with first 1km slightly downhill which if done too fast can put you in aerobic "overdrive" coming back slightly uphill and this can be agonizing on the second lap. Add to this lot of turns and little bit of mud (not much comparing to previous years) and you have challenging course that can test everyone. Despite all this, some runners thrive on terrain like this. One of them is our own Courtney Carter who is the cross country master, who with his training partners Jeff Hunt, Ben Moreau and Jeremy Roff, delivered our only gold medal on the day.

"Carts" started our Open A team pretty strong from the gun, building up his lead to not so shabby 13 seconds ahead of Sydney University at the end of his leg. Jeff Hunt ran strong solo run in front adding another 5 seconds to RBH lead. Ben Moreeu also ran very strong and despite exceptional run from Hugh Williams (Syd Uni) didn't loose any ground. Before his 4.3k leg (yes course was definitely longer), Ben said he wouldn't mind if course is 24.3k, so this was kind of speed workout for him. I know some runners who prefer 150's instead. Before the last change our team had 20 seconds lead and nobody could stop Jeremy Roff with that kind of lead. "Roffy" moved nicely over the familiar course and crossed thel line first, 1.5min ahead of second Sydney University. Our B Open team was also very good. Starting with juniors Zac Facioni and Ryan Beetson, Patrick Elliot running third leg and Harry Summers as anchor, this team came 5th. It was nice to see Harry Summers back in club colors.

35+ Men team claimed silver medal, the fastest runner in this team was evergreen Nic Cope who clocked 13:36 (equal fastest time of the day in this age group).

Under 18 girls were lucky to have team at all after couple of girls get sidelined with injury. With help of Olivia Lee we managed to put team together and came away with bronze medal, only 8 seconds short of silver. Not bad effort at all. The fastest runner in this team was Amy Harding-Delooze with 11:31.

In Open Female category we had 3 teams. This group is growing every year which is really positive trend. Our A team comprising of our new member Anna Fitzerald (welcome aboard Anna), Tracey Robinson, Cecily Butler and Julianne Broberg claimed bronze medal which great achievement. B team came 8th and C team 14th.

U12 Girls (L to R): Alexandra Field, Gabby Ibrahim, Tabitha Palmer and Alexandra Smeallie

Under 12 girls were competing for our club for the first time. This team with Tabitha Palmer, Gabby Ibrahim, Alexandra Smeallie and Alexandra Field, performed brilliantly. They came 4th with only 2 seconds short of bronze medal.

Also, we should mention 45+ Men team who came credible 5th with Manu Sivaraj running fastest leg of 15:47.

Thanks to our coaches for helping with teams especially Ken Green. Also special thanks to Tracey Robinson who helped with Open Women teams, Mark Arbib and Liz Miller for help with U12 girls team.

Results of our teams, including individual splits, are shown below.
Photo gallery from this competition is available at our Facebook page.



U12 Boys 2k Individual run
Rory Wylie, 7:52

U14 Girls, 2k Individual run
Jade Cameron, 8:10

Open Men 4k Individual run
Neil Lynch, 16:35

U12 Girls, 4 x 2k, 4th
1. Tabitha Palmer, 8:51
2. Gabby Ibrahim, 9:09 
3. Alexandra Smeallie, 10:07
4. Alexandra Field, 8:45



Open Men A, 4 x 4k, 1st
1. Courtney Carter, 12:42
2. Jeff Hunt, 12:51
3. Ben Moreau, 12:46
4. Jeremy Roff, 12:40

U18 Girls, 4 x 3k, 3rd

1. Olivia Lee, 14:47 
2. Georgia Evans, 11:57
3. Lily Harding-Delooze, 12:02
4. Amy Harding Delooze, 11:31

Open Man B, 4 x 4k, 5th

1. Zac Facioni, 13:30
2. Ryan Beetson, 14:23
3. Patrick Elliot, 13:46 
4. Harry Summers, 13:02 

35+ Men, 4 x 4k, 2nd
1. Nic Cope, 13:36
2. Martin Considine, 14:43
3. Joel Xuereb, 15:50
4. Gary Howard, 15:10 

45+ Men, 4 x 4k, 5th
1. Manu Sivaraj, 15:47
2. Peter Spehr, 17:43
3. Mark Carmody, 17:36
4. Patrick O'Reilly, 17:15

Open Women A, 4 x 4k, 3rd
1. Anna Fitzgerald, 15:41 
2. Tracey Robinson, 17:03
3. Cecily Parson/Butler, 17:11
4. Julie Broberg, 16:18 

Open Women B, 4 x 4k, 8th
1. Nicole Pearson, 16:44
2. Nicola Harris, 17:44 
3. Heidi Hunt, 17:59
4. Adrienne Torda, 19:00 

Open Women C, 4 x 4k, 14th
1. Biba Kajan, 20:03 
2. Hannah Parker, 21:52
3. Narelle Grayson, 19:58
4. Linda Strutt, 23:48 

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