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Monday, 16 November 2015 04:06

State Relays 2015 - Report

This year State Relays were held at Blacktown International Sport Park. Our club entered 7 teams initially but had to scratch U18 girls 4x100m. The remaining 6 teams performed above expectation and produced medal tally of 1 gold and 4 silver medals.




The number of teams is little bit small comparing to previous years. The other clubs also reported decline in number of teams and possible explanations could be that some runners already commenced altitude training, competition not being held at Homebush and as usual clash with other sport competitions like cricket etc.

We would like to thank coaches Ken Green, Mick Little and Anne Saville who helped with putting teams together. Also big thank you to lap scorers David Evans, Mick Little and James Dawes. And also thank you to all parents for supporting our teams.

The only gold medal was won by very talented U20 boys 4x1500m team with Zac Facioni running anchor leg. But the highlight for our club must be U18 girls 4x1500m who competed in Open category this time and broke Australian U18 and U20 records.

The girls were not very happy with their 4x800m race the previous day and were very eager to run better in 4x1500m. And they really did. The team started with Lily Harding-Delooze on the opening leg, followed by Georgia Evans and Emily Hopper. Amy Harding-Delooze run fiercely against Sydney Uni Jenny Blundell. It wasn’t enough for a win, mind you we are talking about U18 team (with Georgia actually being U17) running in Open division, but it was more than enough to break both Australian U18 (18:34.58) and U20 records (18:23.98). Our girls clocked 18:22.47.

Open 4x1500m, 2nd, 18:22.47
1. Lily Harding-Delooze 4:33
2. Georgia Evans 4:38
3. Emily Hopper 4:43
4. Amy Harding-Delooze 4:28

4x1500m Open Team (L to R): Lily Harding-Delooze, Georgia Evans, Emily Hopper and Amy Harding-Delooze

Open 4x800m, 2nd, 9:04.85
1. Emily Hopper 2:17
2. Georgia Evans 2:19
3. Lily Harding-Delooze 2:14
4. Amy Harding-Delooze 2:13

4x800m Open Team (L to R): Emily Hopper, Georgia Evans, Amy Harding-Delooze and Lily Harding-Delooze

Our U20 boys team is bunch of very talented runners and they easily dominated their race. Nice running initially by Connor McGrath and Ryan Beatson always kept our team close to leaders. We saved our best for 3rdand 4th leg. Fraser Garland-Barnes cranked up the pace (clocking 4:03) to get Zac Facioni within striking distance from leading Nowra team. Zac ran very strong and put powerful surge on the last lap clocking impressive 3:53 and getting our team first across the line.

U20 4x1500, 1st, 16:45.46
1. Conor McGrath 4:20
2. Ryan Beatson 4:28
3. Fraser Garland-Barnes 4:03
4. Zac Facioni 3:53

4x1500m Under 20 Team (L to R): Fraser Garland-Barnes, Ryan Beatson, Zac Facioni and Conor McGrath

The Open Men 4x400m team was difficult to put together. We were short of one runner initially and in desperation completed our team with a girl. According to rules the male team is allowed to have up to 2 female runners. Without much hope to make a final, we entered this team with intention to give an early season runs to Lachlan Little (sub 48 sec runner last season), James Roff (400m hurdler with PB of 51.17). Young Declan Stupak was also keen to test himself in his new event. Lora Storey (also 400m hurdler) was also happy to test herself over 400m after recent good 800m (2:09.44). These guys ran really well and won the first heat therefore automatically qualified for final. Unfortunately, Declan felt a bit of a pull in his hamstring but was still considering to run. That would be too much of a risk for this very talented young runner and we insisted that he doesn’t run.

Open 4x400, 1st/H1, 3:24.18
1. Lachlan Little 48.3
2. James Roff   50.3
3. Declan Stupak 51.4
4. Lora Storey 54.3

4x400m Open Team (L to R): Lora Storey, James Roff, Declan Stupak and Lachlan Little

The dilemma was then to pull out of the final or find replacement for Declan and have a go. Mick Little came up with solution and called distance runner Patrick Elliott (who trained that morning) to come and run the last leg of the 4x400m. Once again, brilliant running in the final by all and our team finished in really good 5th place. The moral of the story: there is always a chance.

Open 4x400, 5th Final, 3:28.43
1. Lachlan Little 48.5
2. James Roff   49.8
3. Lora Storey 54.8
4. Patrick Elliott 54.7

4x400m Open Team (L to R): Lachlan Little, James Roff, Lora Storey and Patrick Elliott

Veterans also didn’t disappoint. We put 2 teams for 4x1500m, one in 160+ and one in 200+ category. They both won silver medals. The noticeable performances came from Martin Considine (160+) and Manu Sivaraj (200+) who both clocked the fastest times for their teams. Two athletes gave more than their fair share. Patrick O’Reilly and Roger Moresi ran for both teams and without them we could put only one team together.

Masters 160+ 4x1500m, 2nd, 19:59.72
1. Martin Considine 4:41
2. Patrick O'Reilly 5:17
3. Roger Moresi 5:15
4. James Dawes 4:44

4x1500m 160+ Team (L to R): James Dawes, Patrick O'Reilly, Roger Moresi and Martin Considine
Masters 200+ 4x1500m, 2nd, 20:46.03
1. Manu Sivaraj 4:52
2. Patrick O'Reilly 5:16
3. Alija Kajan 5:25
4. Roger Moresi 5:11
4x1500m Open Team (L to R): Roger Moresi, Patrick O'Reilly, Manu Sivaraj and Alija Kajan


Keep training and competing, enjoy this wonderful sport which, despite recent scandals at top level, keeps its purest form at the grass root level.
















































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