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NSW CC Relays 2016 - Report PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 29 May 2016 06:48

NSW CC Relays - Report


There was something strange about NSW Cross Country Relays this year - there was no mud on the course. The weather was "four seasons in one day" starting cloudy and dry at mid morning, followed by rain and cold, then clear and sunny. Despite having number of elite athletes overseas, RBH had some great runs on the day, including comeback run by Lauren McKillop. Our medal tally on the day was 1 gold and 2 bronze medal.


As usual there was a lot of drama accompanying creation of relay teams. Few of the athletes were very keen to run and immediately replied to our email but then got injured in the leading week. Some pulled out just day or two before the competition while others jumped in to fill the gaps. It takes a lot of effort to put together all these athletes and trying to optimize team performance.
But all in all we did well by entering 9 complete teams and 2 individual runners.

All results of our teams and individual splits are listed below.

The highlight for our club is gold medal by U20 girls and this was done even without fastest junior girl Amy Harding-Delooze. Ruby Swadling, who was Amy's replacement, had a great run and fully justified her place on the team.

The fastest girl in this team was Lily Harding-Delooze (running 4th leg) who clocked 10:53. Also good runs by Emily Hopper (1st leg) and always reliable Georgia Evans. Our team was very dominant leaving the second placed Kembla Joggers by more than 2.5 minutes. It was really no surprise as this quartet is very talented bunch of runners and are future of our club.

U20 Girls (L to R): Emily Hopper, Ruby Swadling, Lily Harding-Delooze and Georgia Evans

Men's Open team was lacking some our top guns like Jeff Hunt, Jeremy Roff, Ben Moreau and Josh Wright.
Jeff and Ben are still recovering from their recent marathons while Jeremy and Josh are racing overseas.
Initial team had in form Eddy Vining assigned to run 1st leg but he was late withdrawal due to minor injury. Next in line was Sam Strutt who also pulled out with hamstring niggle. In the end Gerald McPherson saved the day and we started with pretty good team. Gerald was trying to hang on the back of the leading pack and changed 13th. Harry Summers was left with a big task to move our team up and he did magnificent job. Clocking second fastest leg of the day (11:41) Harry moved us to equal 3rd spot, he changed together with runner from Nowra team. On the third leg we had Courtney Carter who is really good cross country runner. Despite being in heavy half-marathon preparation, "Carts" ran very good, just shy of breaking 12 minutes, and pulled away from Nowra team nearly a whole minute. Matthew Hudson finished in convincing fashion just 20 sec shy of second placed Sydney University.
Open Men A team (L to R): Harry Summers, Courtney Carter, Gerald McPherson and Matthew Hudson

U20 boys also brought us a bronze medal. It was a battle with Sutherland all the way till the last leg. We started strong with Kurt Fryer who is on the comeback from injury. He clocked respectable 9:44 and changed 3rd just ahead of Bankstown. On the second leg we had young Patrick Xia (who turned 14 a week ago) who really run with his heart. After second change we were 5th with Bankstown (in 3rd) more than 1.5 min ahead and Sutherland (in 3rd) 28 seconds ahead. Daniel Hazan ran really well to bring us back and he changed third together with runner from Sutherland. Ryan Beatson, one of our fastest boys, ran more than 20 sec faster than Sutherland runner and secured bronze for our team. Well done boys!
Daniel Hazan in action


Other notable performances came from U14 girls who came 4th with excellent runs by rapidly improving Jade Cameron (7:14) and also Paris Tier (7:21).

Our Open Women team was also 4th with fastest runners being Lexy Gilmour (13:49, third fastest run of the day) and also Lauren McKillop (14:40) who raced for the first time after long time out due to injury. Lexy changed second looking strong during her run. Lauren, who was selected on the team based on promise that she can run sub 15min, totally justified her place on the team and who knows this could be new beginning for her running. Audrey had a solid run also, getting us to within 14 sec to Sydney University B team. Anna Fitzgerald also put a brave run and ran faster than last year.

In women's B team Cecily Buttler clocked really good 15:16 with Louise Arnott also achieving sub 16min time.It would be unfair not to mention Manu Sivaraj who was fastest in 35+ team with his 14:15 time.

The overall surprise performance goes to our new member Lloyd Kempson who had an excellent run and clocked 12:50.

Thanks to coaches Ken Green, Gary Howard and Warren Williams for their help with teams. Also big thanks to parents of junior runners who cooperated with us in the lead up to this event.

We hope that you enjoyed your experience at Miranda park and club camaraderie that is so vibrant in our nearly 110 years old club.


Open Women A team (L to R): Lexy Gilmour, Lauren McKillop, Audrey Amiya-Hall and Anna Fitzgerald
Members of 35+ and Open B team (L to R): Warren Williams, Patrick O'Reilly, Manu Sivaraj, Martin Considine, Neil Lynch and Roberto Spina

Open Men A, 4 x 4k, 48:37, 3rd
1. Gerard McPherson 12:53
2. Harry Summers 11:41
3. Courtney Carter 12:01
4. Matthew Hudson 12:02

Open Men B, 4 x 4k, 58:36, 16th
1. Lloyd Kempson 12:50
2. Michael Hazan 13:42
3. Roberto Spina 15:55
4. Neil Lynch 16:09

Men 35+, 4 x 4k, 1:01:17, 7th
1. Manu Sivaraj 14:15
2. Warren Williams 16:22
3. Patrick O'Reilly 15:50
4. Martin Considine 14:50

U20 Men, 4 x 3k, 42:01, 3rd
1. Kurt Fryer, 9:44
2. Patrick Xia, 11:45
3. Daniel Hazan, 10:26
4. Ryan Beetson, 10:06

Individual runs:
Paul Feain 4k (65+), 22:44
Brooklyn Norton 3k (U16 boys), 11:50

. .

Open Women A, 4 x 4k, 58:56,  4th
1. Lexy Gilmour 13:49
2. Lauren McKillop 14:40
3. Audrey Amiya-Hall 15:07
4. Anna Fitzgerald 15:20

Open Women B, 4 x 4k, 1:04:00,  6th
1. Louise Arnott 15:48
2. Nicola Harris 16:07
3. Cecily Buttler 15:16
4. Heidi Hunt 16:49

U20 Women, 4 x 3k, 45:12, 1st
1. Emily Hopper 10:59
2. Georgia Evans 11:46
3. Ruby Swadling 11:34
4. Lily Harding-Delooze 10:53

U18 Women, 4 x 3k, 58:00, 9th
1. Ellen Kriedemann, 12:56
2. Hannah Parker, 15:40
3. Kate Arnol, 16:10
4. Stacey Daunt, 13:14

U14 Women, 4 x 2k, 30:31, 4th
1. Jade Cameron 7:15
2. Lily Finati 7:51
3. Sophie Ferenczi 8:04 
4. Paris Tier 7:21

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