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Monday, 06 November 2017 09:57



State Relays 2017 - Report

This year NSW State Relays are one of the most successful for our club. Our club entered 10 teams but even before competition started we had to scratch our 4 x 400m with two runners injured. That left us with 9 teams competing and to achieve medal tally of 4 gold and 2 bronze medals is really good result. There was also bit of drama with U16 girls team (our only female team) after couple of runners pulled out due to other commitments. Putting teams together was a joint effort involving coaches Ken Green, Jeremy Roff, Warren Williams and Jordan Williams. Special thanks to our lap scorers: James Dawes, Warrent Williams and Biban Kajan.




Considering U16 girls team was put together practically with one U16 girl and three U12 girls. Considering that we can say that they really ran very well. So to finish 4th was a tremendous effort. I was told two girls got PBs in this race. That in itself makes it worthwhile. Eleanor Miller (our only U16 girl), daughter of famous Liz Miller, ran really good 4:52 split keeping our team in contention. Not to be outdone Milly, Zara and Bronte gave it all and ran some fantastic times for their age (all times are listed in the table at the bottom of this page).
U16 girls 4 x 1500m team (L to R):
Bronte Burke, Milly Boughton, Eleanor Miller and Zara Trantalis

There was a lot excitement about U14 boys team. The fact that we could enter two teams in this age group was good indication about our strength. We had Lachlan Stanfield running the first leg, very good run by him, he kept our team in contention with 4:54 split. Kurt Kress pushed on and ran even faster, 4:50. The plan was that Brody Elbourne tries to keep us in the game so that Bailey Hubler, our fastest runner, has got a shot at win. They both ran very well and our team came home with a gold and 11 sec to spare. These guys are future champions!
Winners are grinners, U14B 4 x 1500m A team (L to R):
Lachlan Stanfield,  Bailey Habler, Kurt Kress and Brody Elbourne

To have a second team in U14 boys category shows dominance of our club. These boys really showed how to run in clubs colors. Nothing would stopped them. For instance Jackson Stanfield started this race with knee injury and managed to finish it, all for a team. Sam Davis and Max Russell both clocked low 5min splits while youngest in the team, 11 years old Alexander Burke, also run respectable time for his age - 5:33. All in all, very good running by this bunch!
U14B 4 x 1500m B team (L to R):
Alexander Burke,  Jackson Stanfield, Max Russell and Sam Davis
There was a question how will U18 boys go in this race after Anthony Vlatko pulled out due to school commitments. Just to clarify, Anthony broke club's U16 800m record last year with his 1:57.37 clocking and has 4:09 time for 1500m this season. We were lucky to get 14 years old Rhys Shariff to complete the team. Flynn Gordon and Charles McGrath ran beautiful first and second leg and clocked more or less with ease 4:13 and 4:14. We knew that we will lose some ground on the first leg but not as much thanks to very gutsy running by Rhys who really "digged deep" on his last lap. At that stage Trinity was in the lead. Drew Fryer got us in the lead before the end of the second lap and put the surge with 600m to go. At that point the gap to second place was growing and growing. Our boys finished first with more than six seconds ahead of second Trinity.
Dominant in their category, U18B 4 x 1500m (L to R):
Drew Fryer, Flynn Gordon, Charles McGrath and Rhys Shariff
We used to dominate or if you like "own" 4 x 1500m Open Men relay. In fact we still hold the State 4x1500m record of 15:17.91 clocked by now legendary quartet Jeff Farrely, Jeff Hunt (Olympian), Bradley Woods and Jeremy Roff (World Champs and Comm Games Rep). This year one could clearly say there was a "generation change" in this team. Young guys who are just transitioning into senior ranks stepped in to keep tradition alive. And they did it in style. The only seasoned runner (although he is a bit new at 1500m) in this team was Ed Vining. The other three just left junior ranks in the last couple of years. Fraser ran very smart first leg trying to hold on pace for first lap, clocked very respectable 4:02. Stefan continued strong running and gained just a little bit of ground. He wasn't happy with his 4:01 time but we were as we were getting closer to the front. Sam Byrne was really impressive, he fought gallantly further reducing the lead of UTS Norths team. That gave good position for Ed who made 3:53  look so easy even though he left UTS Norths runner 10 seconds behind and claimed gold for our boys. And so the tradition continues!
Rejuvenated Open Men 4 x 1500m team with convincing win (L to R):
Stefan Music, Sam Byrne, Ed Vining and Fraser Garland-Barnes


Jack Davis was our only fresh runner for U14 Boys 4x800m as three others ran 1500m the day before. It was amazing that that they won another gold medal. That was 4th gold for our club and there was a lot of excitement about this because we didn't have this in a while. We decided to start with Jack and Kurt on first two legs and they both clocked low 2:20. Lachlan Stanfield pushed hard on the third leg with a hope that Bailey Habler will get a chance to beat Trinity runner and bring us a gold medal. And indeed Bailey pushed hard on the second lap giving our team 1.5 seconds win over Trinity team. Fantastic effort by all especially backing up after 4 x 1500m.
The only team with 2 gold medals, U14B A team 4 x 800m (L to R): 
Jack Davis, Lachlan Stanfield, Kurt Kress and Bailey Habler
Also very good running by our 4x800m B team. This is very young team with 10 years old Alexander Burke, Sam Davis who is only 11 and Max Russell 12. It is also worth mentioning that they all ran 1500m the previous day. Despite that they all ran respectable times. Well done boys! We hope to see you running relays again next year.
U14B B team (L to R):
Brody Elbourne, Alexander Burke, Max Russell and Sam Davis
We were certainly lucky to put this team together. Thanks to Alex Talbot who agreed to run despite the lack of form after coming back from injury. Nevertheless, we were still contemplating the elusive 5th gold medal for RBH. Flynn Gordon and Charles McGrath had our hopes high after 2:07 and 2:06 opening legs. Alex really put up big fight and managed 2:15 which was decent run considering lack of training. It was unfair to expect that Charles McGrath could get us a victory, the gap was simply to big. He ran fantastic, his 2:03 split was fastest. In the end we were happy with bronze medal. Considering that we came 4 sec behind silver and just under 10 sec behind gold medalist, one has to wander what could we do with Anthony Vlatko on the team or just having back Alex Talbot when he is in shape.
Bronze for U18B 4 x 800m (L to R):
Drew Fryer, Flynn Gordon, Alex Talbot and Charles McGrath
200+ 4x1500m team decided to run in slowest to fastest order. After opening leg, ran by Alija Kajan, our team was coming 5th. Patrick O'Reilly made up for some lost ground with his pretty good 5:25 split. Always reliable Manu Sivaraj ran magnificant 3rd leg and clocked fastest split for his team 4:56. James Dawes overtook Illawong runner quite early and brought our team into third place and it was impossible task to get closer to second place team who finished about 40 sec ahead. Nevertheles, very good running and well deserved bronze medal.
Bronze for 200+ 4x1500m team (L to R):
Manu Sivaraj, Alija Kajan, Patrick O'Reilly and James Dawes

Open Men A, 4 x 1500m, 1st
Fraser Garland-Barnes (4:02)
Stefan Music (4:01)
Sam Byrne (4:02)
Ed Vining (3:53)

U14 Boys A, 4 x 1500m, 1st
Lachlan Stanfield (4:54)
Kurt Kress (4:50)
Brody Elbourne (5:03)
Bailey Habler (4:34)

U14 Boys B, 4 x 1500m, 7th
Sam Davis (5:05)
Jackson Stanfield (5:17)
Alexander Burke (5:33)
Max Russell (5:02)

Boys U18, 4 x 1500m, 1st
Flynn Gordon (4:13)
Charles McGrath (4:14)
Rhys Shariff (4:42)
Drew Fryer (4:12)

Boys U14 A, 4 x 800m, 1st
Jack Davis (2:21)
Kurt Kress (2:20)
Lachlan Stanfield (2:27)
Bailey Habler (2:19)



U16 Girls, 4 x 1500m, 4th
Eleanor Miller (4:52)
Millie Boughton (5:27)
Zara Trantalis (5:50)
Bronte Burke (5:37)

Boys U18, 4 x 800m, 3rd
Flynn Gordon (2:07)
Drew Fryer (2:06)
Alex Talbot (2:15)
Charles McGrath (2:03)

Masters 200+, 4 x 1500m, 3rd
Alija Kajan (5:36)
Patrick O'Reilly (5:25)
Manu Sivaraj (4:56)
James Dawes (5:01)

U14 Boys B, 4 x 800m, 9th
Max Russell (2:31)
Brody Elbourne (2:30)
Alexander Burke (2:52)
Sam Davis (2:40)



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