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    Tuesday, 29 May 2018 22:39

    NSW Cross Country Relays - Report

    28th NSW Cross Country Relays were held at Miranda Park last weekend. This is a prestigious cross country competition and this year’s edition saw around 750 runners competing across all age categories.

    Randwick Botany Harriers club was represented by 10 teams and 3 individual runners. Our best placed teams were U18 girls (silver) followed by Open Men (bronze).
    It was great collective effort to get that many runners competing for our club, thank you everyone for helping.


    There was some unnecessary drama with teams especially among younger age categories. Possibly the major issue was age group classification. According to Athletics NSW rules the age group is determined by the age of athlete on 31 Dec 2018. That ruled out our initial U12 girls team. The other issue was (and it shouldn’t be) that we always select fastest runners in the team; that is how every other club is doing it.
    Anyway despite all this, on race day we were all working towards same goal and like one team. There were lot of good vibes and camaraderie in the RBH tent; people were helping each other and cheering out our runners. It was especially pleasure to see younger runners approaching race enthusiastically and all without exception behaving in the best possible way. We would like to thank their parents who did everything to get them to the venue, make sure they have uniform, registration bibs etc.


    U12 Boys team (L to R): Matthew Radvin, Julian Wiley,
    Alexander Burke and Daniel Ibrahim
    .. U16 Boys (L to R): George Verco, Max Russell,
    Brodie Elbourne, Oliver Byrne and Benjamin Hickman
    U12 Boys and U14 Girls (L to R): Matthew Radvin, Julian Wiley,
    Alexander Burke, Daniel Ibrahim, Zara Ibrahim,
    Helena Dogias, Zara Trantalis and Manon Spinola
    U12 Boys with coach Jordan Williams

























    Big thank you to our coaches Jeremy Roff, Warren Williams and Jordan Williams. Their help in team creation was invaluable. We could never form this many quality teams without our coaches.

    Also thank you to Club President Jim Dawes and his wife Rathy who set up a tent and provided uniforms on the day.

    Open Men Team (L to R): Edward Vining, Jeremy Roff, Kurt Fryer
    and William Keir
    .. Open Women Team (L to R): Lauren McKillop, Samantha King,
    Emily Hsu and Heidi Hunt


    Relays are always about teams, not individuals and we could see many examples where runners went "beyond and above" to help their club. For instance:
    • Rhys Shariff came to replace sick Alex Talbot despite the fact that he ran school cross country that morning
    • Bronte Burke was still little bit sick but came to run and didn’t let team down
    • Heidi Hunt despite not being fit came to run in Open Female team
    • Lauren McKillop got injured in the second lap of her race but hobbled to finish line and that enabled our Open Female
      team to come 4th
    • Paul Feain came just to make sure we are not short of a runner for our Masters team
    • Club President Jim Dawes ran with crook hamstring to get Masters team to 5th place


    I am sure there are more examples of this and that is what team spirit is all about.

    Two pictures that best summarize atmosphere around our tent are shown below.

    Milliy Boughton and Piper Simpson Gabriella Ibrahim in action




    U12 Male, 4th, 32:05
    Alexander Burke
    Matthew Radwin             
    Daniel Ibrahim                  
    Julian Wylie

    .. Open Women, 4th, 1:06:57
    Lauren McKillop 
    Emily Hsu                            
    Heidi Hunt                          
    Samantha King


    U14 Female A team, 6th, 32:54
    Grace Henry                       
    Milly Boughton                
    Bronte Burke                     
    Piper Simpson

    Open Men A team, 3rd, 50:44
    William Keir
    Edward Vining
    Jeremy Roff
    Kurt Fryer


    U14 Female B team, 11th, 36:13
    Zara Trantalis                    
    Manon Spinola                  
    Helena Dogias                   
    Zara Ibrahim

    Open Men B team, 9th, 53:49
    Charles McGrath               
    Martin Mashford              
    Drew Fryer                         
    Sean Bowes


    U16 Male, 8th, 45:30
    Brody Elbourne                 
    Benjamin Hickman           
    Max Russell                        
    George Verco

    Open Men C team, 14th, 56:38
    Anthony Vlatko                 
    Rhys Shariff                        
    Fraser Garland-Barnes     
    Richard Newell

    U18 Female, 2nd, 46:18
    Eleanor Miller                    
    Paris Tier                            
    Gabby Ibrahim                   
    Kirstie Beatie

    45+ Men, 5th, 1:05:54
    Manu Sivaraj                      
    Patrick O’Reilly                  
    Alija Kajan                          
    Jim Dawes


    U12 Female Individual

    Rudi Blackley


    65+ Male Individual

    Paul Feain


    U16 Male Individual

    Oliver Byrne



    All results of our teams and individual runners are listed below with meal winning teams highlighted.
    We hope that you enjoyed experience and hope to see you at more races in the future.


    U12 Male, 4th, 32:05
    Alexander Burke 7:49
    Matthew Radwin 8:05
    Daniel Ibrahim 8:10
    Julian Wylie 7:59

    U12 Female Individual
    Rudi Blackley 9:07

    U14 Female A team, 6th, 32:54
    Grace Henry 7:51
    Milly Boughton 8:05
    Bronte Burke 8:48
    Piper Simpson 8:08

    U14 Female B team, 11th, 36:13
    Zara Trantalis 8:32
    Manon Spinola 8:51
    Helena Dogias 9:14
    Zara Ibrahim 9:34

    U16 Male, 8th, 45:30
    Brody Elbourne 11:03
    Benjamin Hickman 12:03
    Max Russell 11:06
    George Verco 11:15
    Oliver Byrne 11:55

    U18 Female, 2nd, 46:18
    Eleanor Miller 10:42
    Paris Tier 11:47
    Gabby Ibrahim 12:13
    Kirstie Beatie 11:34

    Open Women, 4th, 1:06:57
    Lauren McKillop 15:23
    Emily Hsu 17:53
    Heidi Hunt 18:48
    Samantha King 14:51

    Open Men A team, 3rd, 50:44
    William Keir 12:43
    Edward Vining 12:35
    Jeremy Roff 12:27
    Kurt Fryer 12:58

    Open Men B team, 9th, 53:49
    Charles McGrath 13:41
    Martin Mashford 13:00
    Drew Fryer 13:26
    Sean Bowes 13:41

    Open Men C team, 14th, 56:38
    Anthony Vlatko 13:16
    Rhys Shariff 15:47
    Fraser Garland-Barnes 13:27
    Richard Newell 14:07

    45+ Men, 5th, 1:05:54
    Manu Sivaraj 15:06
    Patrick O’Reilly 17:27
    Alija Kajan 16:56
    Jim Dawes 16:23

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