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NSW CC Relays - Report

This year NSW cross country Relay Championships were held in perfect conditions. It's been a while since we ran on dry course on the sunny day at Miranda Park. Our club entered 10 teams and 6 individual runners. Putting teams together was a joint effort involving coaches Ken Green, Gary Howard, Warren Williams and Jordan Williams. Special thanks to all of them. Our medal tally was not bad: 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal.




We didn't know who is our biggest competition in Open Men's race. Every year Sydney University enters very strong team but this year they were not up there. Instead, this time Bankstown team stepped up. Our top quartet looked confident. The opening leg by Mark De Luca,  who changed 6th was very good but we were already 18 sec behind the first team. Zac Facioni continued with fast pace (he ran 1 sec faster than Mark)  and managed to bring our team to a 2 sec lead. On the third leg for our A team we had a Master Courtney Carter. He ran very impressive 12:30 and marginally increased our lead to 5 sec. So there was a drama developing on the anchor leg. We were pretty confident that Matt Hudson will secure a victory but it wasn't that easy. The Bankstown runner Matthew Dempsey put up a fierce fight and it was only towards the end that Hudson pulled away for 6 sec victory.
We always have a good pool of runners who want to run in this event. They are selected based on current form. But what do you do when you face a situation that you are thinking to put a runner on B team but in a back of your mind you are not sure. The runner in question was Jeff Hunt, recently selected to represent Australia at World Championships. He had a bad run at Sydney 10 and knowing the current form of others it was hard to justify his selection to A team. Jeff himself chose to run for B team which just shows not only that he is great athlete but also classy person. Lot of runners with big ego would simply not run at all.
Winners are grinners; Our Open Men A team (L to R):
Mark De Luca, Courtney Carter, Matthew Hudson and Zac Facioni
(photo courtesy of Ewa Facioni)
Our Open Women team did very well to come home with silver medal. Lauren McKillop ran opening leg and was our fastest girl. Maybe she ran little bit too fast on the first lap (7:02) but still managed to change very close second, only 8 sec behind Sydney University team. Georgia Evans ran second leg and it was very gutsy run with decent 15:10 time. Our team continued strong with Rosie Weber on third leg and Anna Fitzgerald anchoring the team. Sydney University A team was simply too good but our girls were around 2 minutes ahead of 3rd placed Sydney University B team.
The fastest girl among our Open Women (and second fastest overall) was Lauren McKillop seen here at the start of the race
Another team that won silver medal was U18 boys. We didn't know what to expect from this team. Our boys started well with experienced Ryan Beatson who clocked very good 9:06. Anthony Vlatko also produced a fast run and at the end of second leg our team was second and only 3 sec behind Hills District. Our 3rd and 4th runner were much younger and it was unrealistic to hope for gold. But it was pretty close. After 3rd leg run by Patrick Xia we were only 11 sec behind. Rhys Shariff, who only recently registered with our club, didn't give much either bringing our team home only 13 sec behind the winner. Well done boys!
Excitement before race, U16 Girls team (L to R):
Amelia Stynes, Eleanor Miller (standing), Paris Tier and Lily Finati (kneeling)
Our 35+ team was put together with mostly 45+ runners, the only exception was young Gary Howard (43 yo). Considering this it was a pleasant surprise when this team won bronze medal especially with Jim Dawes who is coming back from injury and only put the hand up to be reserve. We started of with mighty Nic Cope who was mixing it up with Open boys and finished his leg with pretty impressive 13:25 which was second fastest time of the day in 35+ age group. Gary Howard continued strong and by the end of his run our team was in third place with our chances to move up probably diminishing. Martin Considine and James Dawes secured our team's 3rd place with some three minutes to spare.
Our boys in action; Jeff Hunt, who will represent Australia at World Championships in August, trailing Mark De Luka on the first leg of Open Men race
It was refreshing to see many new faces in our club colors. Jordan and Warren Williams did a great job in helping to put together 4 complete junior teams: U12 boys, U14 boys and girls and U16 girls. What a tremendous running by all of them.
We hope they all enjoyed this experience and wiill come to run again. Special thanks to all parents who helped with team preparation.

There is some real talent among these kids. If they continue to train the future of our club is bright indeed. The standouts were: Eleanor Miller (a daughter of great Liz Miller), Lachlan Stanfield and George Verco.
U14 Girls proudly wearing blue and gold (L to R):
Gabby Ibrahim, Sophie Ferenczi, Grace Henry and Milly Boughton
(photo courtesy of Kerry McKenzie)


All results or our teams and individual runners are shown below with medal winning team highlighted.

Open Men A, 4 x 4km, 1st
Mark De Luca (12:48)
Zach Facioni (12:47)
Courtney Carter(12:30)
Matthew Hudson (12:21)

Open Men B, 4 x 4km, 5th
Jeff Hunt (12:58)
Fraser Garland-Barnes (14:15)
Sam Byrne (13:19)
Martin Masford (13:09)

Open Individual runners
Gerald McPherson (14:03)
Michael Hazan (13:39)



Open Women, 4 x 4km, 2nd
Lauren McKillop (14:31)
Georgia Evans (15:10)
Rosie Weber (15:22)
Anna Fitzgerald (15:51)






U18 Individual runner, 3k
Ellen Kriedeman (11:30)


Boys U18, 4 x 3km, 38:08, 2nd
Ryan Beetson (9:06)
Anthony Vlatko (9:21)
Patrick Xia (9:49)
Rhys Shariff (9:52)

Girls U16, 4 x 3km, 44:55, 5th
Paris Teir (10:54)
Amelia Stynes (11:51)
Lily Finati (11:50)
Eleanor Miller (10:20)

U18 Individual, 3km
Noah Krecklenberg (9:30)

U20 Individual, 3km
William Keir (8:57)

Boys U14, 4 x 2km, 31:46, 6th
Maximo DiBlasio (7:51)
Brodie Elbourne (8:04)
Jackson Stanfield (8:26)
Lachlan Stanfield (7:25)

Girls U14, 4 x 2km, 33:46, 7th
Grace Henry (8:24)
Milly Boughton (8:30)
Gabby Ibrahim (8:24)
Sophie Ferenczi (8:28)

Boys U12, 4 x 2km, 32:22, 5th

Harun Rashid (7:56)
Julian Wiley (8:17)
Kade Zavetsanos  (8:26)
George Verco (7:43)

Masters 35+, 4 x 4km, 59:30, 3rd
Nic Cope (13:25)
Gary Howard (14:35)
Martin Considine (15:11)
Jim Dawes (16:19)

Masters 45+, 4 x 4km, 1:08:00, 6th
Manu Sivaraj (16:10)
Patrick O'Reilly (17:25)
Alija Kajan (16:46)
Warren Williams (17:39)

65+ Individual runner
Paul Feain (25:19)